Hearing Aid Fitting Procedure


The audiologist goes through many steps for hearing aid fitting. The hearing aid fitting is done – audiogram check, creating earmold, hearing aid selection, and finally the first sounds!

1) Audiologist uses an most recent audiogram to determine candidacy and checks the availability of the hearing aid for a patient. An audiogram is a test result of patient’s responses to hearing at various frequency ranges (in Hz for hertz) and its loudness (in dB for decibels).
2) An earmold fitting is done:
    a) Audiologist checks the ear for any foreign items and clearing of earwax
    b) Two silicon compounds are mixed together to form an soft, “clay-like” properties for easy molding
    c) Audiologist injects the earmold compound, allows the compound to be solidify
    d) After 5 minutes, audiologist removes the solidified earmold
    e) The audiologist carves the earmold for proper fitting and drills a hole for the sound tube insertion
3) Hearing aid selection is made and earmold is attached to hearing aid
4) Fitting of hearing aid and inspection

First sounds turned on!

Click below to view videos of children receiving the gift of sound (requires Windows Media Player):

video 1  |  video 2

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