How to Help

Hearing Aids:
We welcome the donation of gently used behind-the-ear hearing aids. Even if not in working order, they will be repaired by Hearing Aid Express.

Frequent Flier Miles: Please contact us for details on donating airline miles.

Contributions: Your gift will be used to support the many upcoming missions to Latin America. In addition, we will include all monetary donations in a request to Rotary International, Inc. for matching funds.

Contact Information: Please send your tax-deductible gift to:

Hearing Aid For Latin America, Inc.
1020 West Loop North
Houston, Texas 77055

Click here to download a donation form (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).


Who We Are

Our Mission: Established in 2002, Hearing Aid For Latin America takes the gift of hearing to underprivileged children and young adults.

Our Work: We are a group of people devoted to the provision of hearing care to needy populations. Our inspiration comes from what we call the "Hearing Smile." It is the look of happiness and amazement when a child hears for the first time. That is our reward.

Click here to view a description of the Hearing Aid Fitting Procedure.

Our Board:

  • BLAINE SMITH, awarded a POINT OF LIGHT in 2002, is a board-certified audioprosthologist, based in San Antionio, Texas. Since his first trip to Saltillo, Mexico in April 1988, Smith has led over 40 trips to Mexico, Central and South America to give hearing aids away to the indigent populations of these areas. Smith not only grants the gift of sound, but also has experience in hearing rehabilitation, services, counseling and psychology of the hearing impaired.

Our Supporters:

  • Starky Foundation
  • Ray-O-Vac
  • The Marjorie E. Evans Foundation
  • Schepp's Dairy
  • Hearing Aid Express
  • GN ReSound
  • International and local Rotary Clubs
  • and generous individuals like you!


Who They Are

Why Latin America? Due to insufficient medical care, the incidence of deafness in Latin America appears to be much higher. The resources to help are severely limited, if they exist at all. Since 2002, Hearing Aid For Latin America has tested and fitted over 3400 hearing aids on mostly children and young adults. Plans are underway for more trips.

Photo Album: Click here to view a photo album of some of our missions to Latin America.

Slideshow Presentation: Click here to view a slideshow from a recent trip to City of Victoria, Mexico (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).